We take our responsibility to patients, referring dentists, staff, families and communities very seriously amidst the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, our offices remain open as we have a duty to provide emergency dental care to the public for the treatment of pain and infection as well as to reduce the potential burden on our medical colleagues. By serving patients with emergent dental needs in our offices, we decrease the demand on medical emergency rooms and other healthcare venues not otherwise best suited for the treatment of dental or oral issues

In recognition of the continued outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, we are taking every precaution to control and stop the spread of the virus in our facilities. In addition to utilizing standard personal protection equipment, hospital-grade disinfectants and enhanced sterilization protocols, we have instituted policies that go beyond traditional infection control requirements. We pre-screen all patients prior to appointments and again upon arrival at our offices. Along with our staff, every patient is screened for a temperature and patients are asked to wash their hands as they arrive and use a special mouthwash prior to beginning an evaluation or treatment. Patients are advised to come alone so as to minimize the number of individuals gathering. Waiting rooms have been rearranged to allow for proper social distancing or in some cases, patients may be asked to wait in their cars until called into the office for their

appointment. Hand sanitizer is available to our patients throughout our offices and during the course of a day, we disinfect all equipment and surfaces repeatedly.

It is very important that if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (i.e. fever, cough, etc.) at the time of your appointment, please call our office and reschedule to avoid potentially compromising the health of others.

We will continue to monitor and implement additional recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and other federal, state and local agencies as we remain diligent in our efforts to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these unusual times. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office for assistance.

For additional information regarding COVID-19 including symptoms, prevention and steps to take if you become ill, visit


● All staff members and doctors are washing their hands as soon as they enter the building. Then they take and record their temperature (which is also done before leaving for the day).

● Patients are screened over the phone prior to arriving, no one is allowed to come in the office with them unless they are a legal guardian, everyone else must wait in the car.

● We are scheduling so there will only be one patient at a time in the waiting room. All extra chairs have been removed so the only chairs left are more than 6 feet apart. We are spraying and wiping the waiting room (doors, chairs, counters, pens etc.) with disinfectant after anyone enters or leaves before anyone else enters.

● Upon arrival, we have them use hand sanitizer before anything (and also before leaving the office per AAE)

● We have a taped line at the check-in and check-out desk for patients to stand behind to keep distance.

● Front Desk Staff wear masks and put on gloves when the patient arrives before taking anything from the patient like an insurance card or drivers license. We immediately wipe the cards with a disinfectant wipe before and after scanning them into the computer so they are clean when handed back to the patient. The same is done at check-out and when collecting payment.

● Patients are given the COVID-19 consent form to be signed at every appointment.

● When brought back to the operatory, we take the patient’s temperature first thing followed with having them rinse with Peroxyl (from Shein) as per ADA recommendation of a rinse 1% or higher of hydrogen peroxide (because the oxidation process kills the COVID-19 virus in the mouth).

● We are coming in and disinfecting the space now with Envirocleanse with our machine that makes the chemical wrap around things. The chemicals stays active for 48hours. A normal deep clean would be moping the floors, RR and wiping the surfaces. More general cleaning tasks. For more information on combatting coronavirus and the science of commercial cleaning click here.