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Joel A.

Dr. Ayik is great and definitely competent! The staff, as the other reviews state, can be a bit off putting however they still helped to get a doctor that was covered on our plan. The hygentients weren't that friendly. But all in all, a good experience.

Donna B.

I hope you don’t have to visit them but if you do, they are the best! Dr. Ayik was wonderful.

W. Andrew

Just went in for a root canal after getting a crown last week. Couldn't have been an easier experience. Almost no pain at all, it was quick and easy. The office is beautiful and the bed-side manner is top-knotch. If you're in pain, give Dr. Ayik a call.

Lacey J.

This being my first root canal, to say I was nervous would be an understatement. Genuinely fearful would be more accurate. Like most of you, going to the dentist has always been a source of contention for me since childhood, eventually graduating to my list of ‘necessary evils’, like a bikini wax or going to the gym, that could blissfully be ignored, indefinitely.
Of course, my fear eventually turned into procrastination, and after a year and a half of toggling between hot and cold shooting pain, I found myself with a broken, borderline-abscessed wisdom tooth. Something had to be done.
I ended up choosing Dallas Endodontics from an endless list of candidates supplied by insurance because the name was familiar - I had seen them featured in D Magazine’s ‘Best Of Dallas’ issue last year. Now, 4 days post-op, I can’t imagine any other Endodontist in Texas, albeit Dallas, superseding this team’s caliber of professionalism, warmth or expertise.
From the minute I walked into DE’s Greenville Ave. location, I felt welcome and safe, as if I was the only patient there and the only patient that mattered, and their only MO was to make sure I knew it. The office and procedure room was comfortable. Phyllis, the DA, was so accommodating and comforting, I knew I was in the best of hands right away.
Aside from the obvious investment that DE has made into having the best and most advanced technology available (I literally could not hear any of the familiar scary sounds like grinding drills and teeth scrappers) and the time (start-to-finish, the entire procedure took 45 minutes!) - what made me promise myself right then and there to write this review, was the fact that I literally had NO pain, either during or after - and my doctor, Dr. Murat Ayik.
Dr. Ayik is simply the best when it comes to Endodontics. An obvious expert in his field but with no pretention or hint of sadistic surprises that seems to allude many DDS’s, Dr. Ayik has a natural way of putting one at ease even under the most anxious circumstances, and delivering phenomenal results even despite it.
Bottom line, if you have to get a root canal and prefer a pleasant, painless experience with no suffering or downtime – Dallas Endodontics is it.

Andy J.

Quick and to the point. The doctor and staff made a unpleasant procedure bearable.

Sandra T.

No pain and a very comfortable chaise. My dentist great bedside manner.
Will definitely return when I need it.

Sharon G.

Everyone was very courteous and treated me with a lot of respect.

John P.

Dr Rakusin is simply amazing. I remember most of my life being told horrror stories about having a root canal done. I’ve now had two and it was the easiest dental procedure I can recall having done.
He has so much patience for people like me who have much anxiety about dental procedures.
Yesterday I went for my third root-canal and leading up to it I was in so much pain. I waited too long to deal with it (which I strong urge you not to do) and I woke up today with no pain and so relieved.
If you are considering working with Dallas Endodontics, I can’t recommend them enough. I only have personal experience with Dr Rakusin but I’ve heard amazing possitive reviews about all on staff.
Do yourself a favor and let these amazing professionals help you with your Endodontics needs. I promise you it will be painless and you will come out the other side happy you used them for your dental needs.
I give Dr Rakusin the highest ratings possible. Thank you Dr Rakusin!!!

James A.

Just finished my root canal and it was the quickest and painless (best it can be) event ive had at a dentist office. Highly recommend!

Nancy S.

Excellent in all aspects.

Karen C.

I was definitely leery of root canals. There was no need for concern! After initial fears...it was a painless procedure!

Kathlyn T.

If I had to have a root canal, this would be the place I would go. Very professional office and Dr. Ayik was totally upfront and didn't mince any words to tell me what I needed to do for treatment. As it turned out I didn't need the procedure so I greatly appreciated his straight forwardness. I would use this practice again.

R Montgomery

This group make getting a Root Canal easier than a teeth cleaning. No pain, and I mean NONE. Fast, smooth, precise. I've had 4 RC's over the years. First time in the door I was petrified. They calm you down, and then they're done-finished! about the time you think to ask "how long will this take?"

Saad A.

My appointment was quick and amazing. Felt no pain at all and was fully informed on what to expect.

Gabriela R.

Dr. Rakusin is the kindest and most calming man. He did a fantastic job and the discomfort was minimal - less than a filling! I will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Hillman H.

Great experience!!! Dr. Was very professional and explained the procedure and expectations clearly and made me feel comfortable!!!

Ernest L.

This was the second root canal I had performed by Dr Jowid, D.D.S., and I was not disappointed. The extremely professional staff in the office quickly calmed my anxiety. Dr Jowid, being an Endodontic Specialist, expertly and with minimal discomfort, completed my root canal in a relatively short period of time. I highly recommend Dr Jowid and his office staff!

Jerica C.

Dr. Ayik and all of the staff at this location were wonderful! They worked me into the schedule quickly and they were all very helpful, compassionate, and kind. I’m not particularly fond of any sort of dentist, but the overall experience was pleasant ( as pleasant as a root canal can be). I had very minimal pain and the office made sure that they answered any of my questions. Everyone was courteous and professional! Strongly recommend!

Carol M.

Dr Wayne Scott and Dr Andrea Sauerwein referred me to Dr. Rakusin's group. As soon as I met Dr. R, I knew I was in good hands. He explained everything ahead of time and I was very at ease throughout the procedure.

Robert C.

Dr. Garrett is absolutely the best and his entire staff is top of the line.

Kevin M.

Called their office on Easter Sunday evening. Dr Garrett (not a service or employee) called me back within 15 min and scheduled me for Monday morning! Professional staff all around. Been there twice and love Dr Garrett. Won’t hesitate to go back. Highly recommended!

Monica M.

The whole staff is great!!!

Robert H.

I highly recommend Dr Rakusin and the staff at Dallas Endodontics. Very friendly and professional. My root canal took just over an hour, no pain whatsoever.

Cynthia S.

My experience with Dr Hedley Rakusin was out-of-this-world wonderful! It was the first time I have ever loved having a root canal! Honestly!!!

His great chair side manner is impeccable as well as his knowledge and the utmost best tools that my mouth has ever encountered! I look forward to my next visit with glee.

His assistant was wonderful as well. They are the very best Endodontics team in the world!!!

Marlene E.

I would highly recommend anyone of the doctors at the Dallas Endodontics office for a root canal. Dr. Rakusink, ‘Thank you’ for all you do which includes, being awesome, extremely knowledge and most importantly gentle with the shots. You’re one of the best.

Bill B.

Performed a root canal the same day I had an exam. Explained the procedure and pricing thoroughly. Quick and painless initial appointment.

Randy B.

DR Ruksink he saved my perment tooth from falling and the people here show great patient care and respect.

Jerry R.

The best! They listen and understand how to help. Then they explain procedures so you understand the how and why.

Jay G.

Dr. Jovit and his assistant were great. I had a root canal done. The procedure was so professionally done. Dr. Jovit and assistant focused on their task for the hour of the procedure. Not a lot of frivolous chit - chat.... but pure focus. The Dr. showed me the before and after pictures of my tooth, and he had drilled the most perfect holes that followed the pre-existing nerve part of the tooth. Less than a mm precision! This really seemed like a world-class job to me. I was very impressed.

Teresa A.

Great Staff & Dr. Garrett is the best! Highly recommend!


Great office. Great and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Baginski is fantastic. Highly recommend!

Rachael W.

I had the most wonderful experience with Dr Garret and Eva at this facility. I came to them because my local endo couldn't see my 12 year old until January and she has a severe infection in one of her teeth. He made my anxious 12 year old that hates needles and hates the dentist feel very comfortable and her words were 'He took my feelings into account." He really listened to my concerns and what I had to say about her current antibiotic not working and prescribed her something else that I know has worked in the past and was stronger to fight this aggressive infection which, based off his knowledge as a dentist would be the best for my child. My child even asked if we could move to Dallas because the people there were nicer! I really can't say enough good about this facility and our experience there. We will be using them for all our root canals in the future!

Bobbie G.

Dr Baginsky is a very warm and caring doctor. She took the time to let me know what to expect. Her assistant Phyllis was also caring and helpful. Overall, great doctor and assistant and a wonderful staff. I’m glad Dr Fisher recommended Dr Baginsky.

Petra E.

Dr. Baginski was so professional and knowledgable. My partner needed a re treat root canal on her front tooth. Thanks to the Doctor and assistant(I believe her name was Rachel?), she was completely comfortable during and after the procedure. Dr. Baginski was thorough and took the time to answer any questions we had. There is nothing to fear when Dallas Endo is near! I would highly recommend that you visit this office for any root canal necessities. They are all friendly, professional, and put your nerves at ease, not only in the literal sense, but the emotional sense as well ;). Thank you Dr. Baginski!

Carl K.

The staff was all super friendly and welcoming. Dr. Baginski performed my root canal and I don't think I could've had an easier experience. The discomfort was extremely minimal and the procedure was very well explained to me; I felt very comfortable in their care. If you ever need a root canal I highly recommend coming here!

Chuck K.

I had an excellent visit and procedure performed on an emergency basis. The staff was friendly, courteous, and extremely professional. Dr. Kendall Baginski performed my procedure and fit me into her schedule to accommodate the serious nature of the need to fix my tooth. I would strongly recommend this practice for any type of endodontics procedures required.

Tj B.

If you need a Root Canal. I would highly recommend going to Dallas Endodontics, and seeing Dr. Kendall Baginski! She did an outstanding job, very professional, and very skilled. She gave a very thorough, and detailed explanation. Of the procedure, and what she was doing. Her and the staff kept me extremely comfortable, during the procedure. I even fell asleep multiple times, during the procedure. After it was over. They gave me very clear instructions on what to do next. The paperwork was minimal, easy to understand. And, they got me in and out as quickly as you could expect. It was as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be!!

Kelly P.

This was perhaps the most pleasant root canal I’ve ever had! I was in and out in less than an hour and was completely comfortable and PAIN-FREE! Dr. Garrett and his assistant were kind, efficient, and answered all my questions. The office was lovely, and I saw my ct-scan on the monitor. I was referred by my dentist and they were able to schedule me right away. I highly recommend this endodontic office!

Susan M.

Dr. Garrett is the best doctor! The entire office staff is professional, polite and puts you at ease. I have had several root canals performed by Dr. Garrett and everyone of them has turned out perfectly. I Definitely recommend him.

Ronald B.

Thoroughly competent My real name is Ronald Fox.

I have gone to Dr. Rakusin for specialty dental treatment about 5 times in the past 8 years. I have always found him to be extremely competent and thorough, as well as very friendly. He uses the latest equipment. He puts an emphasis on making sure that all parts of the tooth is treated, especially the difficult parts often neglected by general dentists.

His office has always been extremely helpful in pursuing insurance claims. One time in particular, the insurance company insisted that I submit a form that was incorrect for the procedure, and the office went through exactly what I needed. This allowed me to successfully appeal the initial denial of the claim.

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